Fair Housing Is A Right

We are an Equal Housing Opportunity Agent. We take great pride in serving one of the most diverse markets in the world – our very own San Francisco Bay Area. Our Bay Area communities pride themselves in their diversity and their inclusiveness: it is the rich tapestry of our joint experiences and our lives together that create this special place we all call home, that contributes to our vitality, to our strength, and to our creativity. Living, being, and sharing together makes us the vibrant and rich community that we are, making us ever much stronger our hearts and souls as a home to one and all.

Your Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Fair housing practice governs all aspects of housing – from your first contact with landlords, to the type of advertising presented to you as a renter, buyer, or borrower, to your experience in obtaining housing or financing. In 2015, we celebrate 50 years since the inception of HUD.

The bundle of rights surrounding Fair Housing was initiated and enshrined by the Fair Housing Act in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson, and through subsequent laws that were enacted thereafter. As former HUD Secretary Landrieu stated, “one of the things that touches Americans most deeply is housing – where people live.”

Some forms of discrimination are obvious, some are subtle; exclusionary behavior can be a subtle form of discrimination: “Most exclusionary discrimination (…) entail forms of outright exclusion, such as a direct refusal to rent to a prospective tenant, direct refusal to sell or discuss the sale of a property, or the false representation of homes or apartments available for sale or rent (…).” – (wikipedia.org)

There is zero tolerance for all and any forms of discrimination, whether overt or subtle. Just as with the Fair Housing Act of 1965 and the creation of HUD, we as Americans, as Californians, and as Bay Area residents pride ourselves on our inclusiveness and our diversity.
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